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When Matheo Durfeld founded Dürfeld Log Construction in 1975, the focus of the company was to incorporate time-tested European log and timber practices into the budding vacation home market in Whistler, British Columbia. Rather than copy what was happening in the industry, Matheo insisted on using better techniques and encouraging the staff to learn skills that were not commonplace in order to produce a more refined product. Dürfeld quickly became acknowledged as a design leader in the timber frame and log home industry.

The development of our well-equipped, professional timber yard where structures could be pre-built offsite and out of the weather, has helped Dürfeld produce top-quality homes and commercial projects. Our timber yard not only produces for Dürfeld built homes, but we also supply cut timber and log products to other building contractors and design professionals. This has given us the opportunity to work with scores of architects, engineers and construction professionals from all over the world.

From a simple cabin in Italy, to a hospital complex in Japan built from Western Red Cedar logs, to the timbers used on the Whistler Four Seasons hotel, Dürfeld has produced & installed award winning products for a wide variety of residential and commercial projects.

The techniques, skills and planning exercises that are necessary when building complicated timber structures have proven to be a key ingredient in building complicated contemporary projects. This "start to finish analysis" not only allows our employees to work in a more efficient, professional manner, but helps sub-trades understand and properly complete the scope of their contribution.

Today, Dürfeld Constructors continues to produce exquisite wooden structures as well as many of Whistler's finest contemporary projects. Whether you plan on using wood, concrete, steel or any other building material, Dürfeld has the skills, experience and professional team to make your project every success you hope it will be.

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